Market Alert February 23rd, 2019:  Should We Be Kicking Ourselves for Missing the Recent Rally?

As a firm that specializes in Retirement Planning, our two goals for you are:

  1. For you to have Financial Peace of Mind and
  2. For Your Money to Last As Long As You Do.

Our investment philosophy of Buy, Hold, and PROTECT! is designed to give us Unlimited Upside with a Tolerable Downside.

5 Reasons We Shouldn’t Kick Ourselves for Missing the Recent Rally

We recently saw a MarketWatch article by Brett Arends that we could have written ourselves. The five reasons are listed below:

  1. You haven’t really missed that much
  2. Don’t be fooled — nothing has really changed
  3. You were on the sidelines for good reason
  4. You’re smart not to discount the current risks
  5. Many big ‘up’ days take place during bear markets

For detail on these reasons, you can read the entire article here: MarketWatch article: 5 reasons you shouldn’t kick yourself

The list of Nobel Prize winners that agree with our posture of being concerned about the downside risk continues to increase. To quote the MarketWatch article,

According to price-to-earnings or “PE” data tracked by Yale University finance professor and Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller, the S&P 500 is about 75% above its historic average valuation. Ten-year forward average returns fall nearly monotonically as starting Shiller P/E’s increase,” warned hedge fund manager Cliff Asness of AQR in a 2012 research paper, as he studied the S&P 500 going back to the 1920s. Also, he added, “as starting Shiller P/E’s go up, worst cases get worse and best cases get weaker.

Today’s level? Compared to history, we’re in the most expensive 10% of starting valuations, according to Asness’ data. “Average” 10-year returns from here? Based on history it’s about 0.5% a year after inflation, he calculated.

We are thankful that we have a protection strategy.

I would like to invite you to come to one of our seminars. They are designed for those of you who are retired or retiring soon, and they are free.

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  • When should I take Social Security? 62? 66? 70?
  • Am I diversified the way I should be?
  • How much can I afford to spend during my retirement?
  • How can I fight inflation?
  • How do I determine how much risk is appropriate for me?
  • Do I take my pension or a lump?
  • How do I avoid having 85% of my social security getting taxed?
  • Should I rollover my 401(k)?

How do I reduce my income taxes in the future?

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By the way, if you have friends, associates, or family members that are still invested in equities, please send them our way. They may be exposed to severe financial losses if this turns out to be a terrible bear market.

We Will Go Back in the Market If the Trend Changes Because There Are Bull Runs within Bear Markets

The above discussion may make you think that we should not go back in and ignore our strategy if we reach our buy signal. We want you to know that within bear markets there have been bull runs. If the trend changes, we cannot ignore it, because we are nothing if we do not stick to our discipline.

That is why, if we hit our buy signal before the middle of June, we will go in gradually in an attempt to mitigate our downside, but mainly to participate in the new upward trend when we have confidence in it.

Click here to listen to this week’s podcast and hear the following topics:

  1. 1) 5 Reasons You Should Be Glad You Are Out Of The Market – Part 1
    2) 5 Reasons You Should Be Glad You Are Out Of The Market – Part 2
    3) Social Security Questions: How To Take Spousal Benefits
    4) If You Miss The Best Trading Days…
    5) Estate Tip: How To Protect An Inheritance From Being Squandered

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Ken Moraif, CFP®, MBA